Legacy CD

“Legacy” by Bríd, Niamh, & Mickey Dunne

“Mickey Dunne and his daughters, Bríd and Niamh, have put together this very special CD of songs, traditional music and self penned compositions. It is truly a work of love and when you listen to the arrangements you will agree that indeed it is a class act.

Bríd has a superb style of playing the fiddle she is without a second thought, a gifted player of Irish music. Niamh also has this wonderful gift-an indescribable talent and when this is combined with her singing, behold an album you will listen to again and again.

Ah! But I have saved best for last – the oul’ man himself, Mickey Dunne. There’s a great Irish saying; “They didn’t lick it off the road”, and when you hear Mickey, you’ll know where it came from.

Mickey hails from a great old stock of musicians, the famous Dunne’s from Limerick. His father, Paddy Dunne, and his uncles Hanta, Mick and Christy Dunne, all great exponents of Irish traditional music. Mickey plays the pipes on a lot of these tracks and I love to hear a piper who understands his instrument. Believe me when I tell you, he has the pipes in wonderful tune and control. He has spent most of the last ten years teaching this difficult instrument in the Pipers Club in Limerick, and his pupils adore him because he cares so much about them and is keeping the instrument alive with his pipes making and reed making as well as passing the gift on to others. His is also a gifted flute player, being as comfortable with that as the fiddle under his chin or the pipes across his lap.

Altogether a beautiful CD which I would put on a pedestal alongside anything I’ve ever heard in or out of Ireland. Thank you for all the music and special friendship. Always the heart Mickey. What a lovely musical family.”

Finbar Furey. 2004


“Musically, Legacy is a hugely satisfying album, not least because of the variety it offers… the opening track features part of Charlie Lennon’s The Emigrant Suite, while the third track demonstrates all of Brid’s tonal skills on the air An Raibh Tu ar an gCarraig…. Perhaps most impressive, however, is the consideration and excellent taste demonstrated by many of the arrangements on this album. The emphasis throughout is placed firmly on the tune itself and there is not the slightest attempt to hammer it into oblivion.”